Part of me

It was my birthday yesterday. I am very happy that many people send me their birthday greetings. I appreciate their warn thoughts and messages. I am also grateful for this day of my life. Yesterday was the symbol of my existence. At dinner, we went to my favorite Cobéa with my husband and my son. I could spend it with my loved ones. We spent such a great time. We have chosen a six course menu, champagne and of course, red wine. It seems like we were on a journey as we had each dish. It feels like we are in a wonderful world filled with artwork. They are carefully cooked and sensitively prepared for us. I could feel how special that day is because of those food and because of the people I am eating with.

This morning, as I looked back on yesterday, I still feel much happiness. I have started my new life from this month. I always evolve my life and my work. This is a good start. September has a big impact on me.  This is my birth month and I must be born again each year. It means that I shouldn’t stop from developing myself. I am going to take a new step forward. Of course, I am with my high-heels whenever I take that new step. My gorgeous high-heels are with me every step of the way. They will always be a part of me.