Dream On

It is interesting that many clients are getting a pair of Christian Louboutin lately. Of course, there are lots of wonderful designs made by Christian Louboutin himself. What does it mean? It only signifies that many women have dreams of wearing Christian Louboutin.

A pair of Christian Louboutin is like a symbol for women. It is now one of the women’s must haves. It is of course pricey, but it’s a good investment. One of my clients bought Christian Louboutin’s stiletto standing at 13cm. But two years ago, she couldn’t buy it.

She visited one Christian Louboutin’s boutique with her husband. Because he wanted her to wear gorgeous high-heels.
Unfortunately, she couldn’t walk with them. She tried to put them on, but failed. Her husband didn’t accept to buy them because of the way she walked with them.

He couldn’t trust her way of walking. And definitely, her husband didn’t think she was elegant. Her husband didn’t like the way how she looked like. From then, her husband kept her off from Louboutin’s boutique. Two years later, she started talking my lesson on Skype. She had already 15lessons.

She went to Christian Louboutin’s boutique with her husband again. She could finally wear them elegantly. She could walk with them even though are statuesque at 13cm. Her husband was so glad seeing her walking in those pair of gorgeous high-heels. He admired his wife.

think many women give up wearing gorgeous stiletto even if they would like to walk with them. They just feast their eyes by looking at those shoes, but never do anything to let themselves wear them elegantly. They give up without even trying. But we should give up wearing high-heels.

If you can’t walk with them at first, then it is not a big problem. It is not an excuse. The biggest problem is when you give up wearing them without trying to learn. As I said, leaning high-heels technique is very important. So, why will you give up? If you have a dream of wearing them, then start learning and practicing.

Don’t give up so easily. Don’t let yourself envy women who can wear high-heels. You can also do it. Don’t give up on your dream!