Never give up

Almost all women can’t control their stride when they walk in high-heels. I don’t know the reason why women tend to stride with high-heels. There is no advantage of doing this when you walk on your high-heels. But I can say that it is so difficult to control our steps. Avoiding to stride is a very challenging task. My client achieved this technique while taking our lesson yesterday.  She has been taking my lesson for three years. Can you imagine how many lessons she already had? It only means that the technique of avoiding to stride is definitely difficult. She tried to control her stride many times, but eventually she had developed a bad habit unconsciously. She used to stride, as she does so , her posture was affected by these steps. But she didn’t notice it until on one occasion, when she checked herself in front of the mirror. Her legs are so gorgeous and dignified. At the same time, she felt that she could finally control her inner muscles. It was a big realization for her.

As we stride, our body sways because of our balance. But if you don’t stride, your body can easily achieve its balance with the help of abdominal muscle. And finally, after achieving the technique, her body didn’t sway when she made the step. It was such a big moment for her. She doesn’t want to stride anymore. I am certain that achieving this technique is a long road to take. But once we master them, it wouldn’t be so difficult at all. They key is to keep our motivation going. Never give up until we reach our goal. it may take a long time, but we have to keep that positive mindset. Never give up -simple and common phrase but is essential for everybody.