Before moving to our new house, I got so tired because I had to visit many apartments while I was also busy working. I visited 15 apartments for 10 days. It was hard searching for a new home. I was so critical about it. It was also very hot in Paris during the time of our search for a new place to stay. It was too shocking for my body. I know that I shouldn’t use the outer leg muscles. It was so difficult to stand on the ball of the big toe. Even I, who wear high-heels everyday, every time still had a hard time using the inner muscles. The tiredness I had from searching and working gave much impact on me. I tried to do some exercises using inner muscles and for standing on the ball of my big toe. This situation was so serious for me. I have never imagined that this things could possibly happen to me. I was so affected by my emotion. After moving to a new house, I could finally recover from my fatigue. It felt so great! It is interesting that as soon as we could move, I could also easily stand on the ball of my big toe. Of course, ,my legs had also transformed into food silhouette just like before. Our body can always relate to our mentality. When we have some problems, our body tend to react. I always want to walk in high-heels elegantly, so whenever I am facing with a difficult problem, I would like to find the solution as soon as I can.

Otherwise, those bad walking habits might be developed. I want to keep motivated and invigorated. I want to be happy, at all times. As you know, walking in high-heels is very important. As I said, our body responds to what we think and feel. Walking in high-heels depends on our mindset. It’s not all on the physical but mental, as well. it all depends on how we set our outlook. If we want to stay elegant forever, then we should keep our mindset focused and motivated.