One of the merits of walking in high-heels is that every woman can charm even if we make efforts to walk on it. They wouldn’t notice how much effort we are putting on it if we can perfectly capture their attention.  It is not enough to just walk in high-heels. You can achieve being an attractive woman as long as you know and mastered the technique of high-heels. The technique which has the biggest impact on our way of walking is the step when we lift our foot and reach the ground.  The very first step we have to make. I have mentioned this in my previous blog The Instep. How much we consciously move our foot will change the destination. It is the step where our movement should be well- controlled. It seems very easy but it takes a lot of practice to master this initial step. Never rush this important moment. We need to take time to move our foot forward. You must be very careful about it. You may practice in front of the mirror to examine how your foot will land. Does it look elegant?  Or did it make you look worse? As you do this step, don’t forget to pull your abdominal muscles up, too. Achievement is important but the process or how we do it is as important.

As most traveler say, journey is more important than destination. It can be applied to high-heels, too. How we land our foot and how we make a step are the essential point of walking in high-heels. Walking in high-heels will show us what an elegance is. Hustle and bustle never exists in elegance. You shouldn’t forget it. Well- refined walk is the essence of elegance. Keep that in mind.

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