Always with me

I finally moved to our new house last week-end. Four days have passed since we move here. I can’t explain how happy I am. I feel so good and excited. Changing our place is really a good decision for us. It’s all worth it. We had a hard time looking for a better place, but after finding this place. I could finally tell myself that I found a new home.  This moving has a very big impact on me. I truly love my new apartment. Not only the house itself but the new area really matches my lifestyle, as well. It makes me feel more invigorated. It is true that the place we live in influence our life. I loved my previous place. It made me grow up and it surrounded me with lots of love. I met some people there, went to the same shops regularly. I really appreciate everything that place has taught me. But I can say that everything has its end. And it’s time for us to change.

Which high-heels did I wear when I moved?  Of course, that was my pair of red sole high-heels. That moment was one of my precious moments, so I should also wear my most treasured high-heels. I think not many people or women who are moving to their new house wear high-heels. Many of them would choose flats, but in my case, No. That was just so perfect! A pair of high-heels always touches my life. No matter what I do, no matter where I go, they are always with me. Just right next to me. I can easily adjust to any situation I am having because I know that my high-heels will support me every step of the way. I love high-heels so much. And I am so excited to walk around my new town, with my high-heels, of course.

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