Prêt-à-porter Course

I have started providing ” High-heels prêt-à-porter course” a month ago to Japanese women, the lesson started in Japan ahead of other countries.  But my lessons are now open for other countries, too. What is the “prêt-à-porter course”?  The prêt-à-porter course is for women who couldn’t come to Paris.  This course will enable them to take my lesson via Skype. Fortunately, I have no sooner large number of clients when I announced the starting of my prêt-à-porter course. My clients who have taken prêt-à-porter course are moved. Because they never thought that Skype lesson could be possible. They have only read my blog before taking high-heels lessons. I was so happy to hear how glad they are to take my Skype lessons. We have to prepare before walking in high-heels, the actual preparation is much more than what they have expected. Aside from the preparation which includes stretching and other exercises, we also must use many of our body muscles to control our body and to awaken our consciousness.  Of course, there is a certain limit of giving high-heels lesson on Skype. But those limits are very minimal. It is not so big deal. I still can give quality lessons through the internet.

The prêt-à-porter course costs 50€ for 25 mins. But the first lesson will cost 100€ for 45 mins.  This is because the first lesson includes the explanation for stretching and exercising prior to high-heels walking. These are essential part of walking in high-heels. Therefore, I must introduce these steps to client first. If you are interested in “High-heels prêt-à-porter course”, by all means everyone is welcome. For those women who would like to be sophisticated but no time to fly to Paris. I am telling you that this Skype lesson will surely word for you.