Showing our respect

photo of Paris's bridge during sun set

As for me, wearing high-heels is the same as putting on my make-up. Having our make-up on is much better than not wearing them. We put on make up to make our face more beautiful. Not only that, we also feel more confidence and we feel great knowing that we look beautiful.

Wearing make-up is a manner, so having them on shows how you respect other people. When we have to meet someone and we put on our make up before seeing that person, it means or it shows how you respect that person. Because we didn’t just get out of the bed and meet him/ her.

We prepares ourself and we spend time for it. So the moment we meet other person, he/she will feel our preparedness. We can say the same thing to high-heels. Wearing high-heels is not just for our beauty but to show respect to other people, as well.

If you have to dress up for a party or conference, you definitely shouldn’t wear rubber shoes. You would choose your high-heels, of course. High-heels is also an item to show our respect for other people. That is why I love wearing high-heels, everywhere I go. I love high-heels. But of course, I have other reasons why I love them.  High-heels match the beautiful city such as Paris. I respect this city which attracts many people.

I show my respect to people and I also like to show my respect to the place where I am at. So, wearing make up and high-heels at the same time show your attitude and how respectful you are.