High-heels on your side

My client who came from Japan took my high-heels lessons last week. It was only a year ago when she took my first lesson. This year’s lesson was the fifth times already since the beginning of May 2014, end of May, end of July, end of October and last week.

She is a busy woman. She can’t stay long in Paris, so she took 6 lessons for three days whenever she comes to Paris. That is her usual pattern. Do you know the reason why she travels from a far country to get here not just once but many times?  The flight between Japan and Paris takes about 12 hours.

Af first, she would like to heal her body problem. She has been suffering from lower back pain for many years already. Before she took my lesson, she needed to see a doctor. Her body condition is getting better little by little.

And she didn’t have to see a doctor last winter. She told me that it was the first time for her not to see a doctor in winter. She usually suffers from lower back pain in cold season. She overcomes her suffering from lower back pain by taking high-heels on the side.

On the other hand, she realizes that we tend to slowly lose our consciousness and will eventually go back to our bad habit. She doesn’t want to bear that back pain again, she doesn’t like to go to back to her previous sufferings. As a result, she takes my lessons constantly.

We can develop a good habit with our effort but it is also true that this good habit will turn into a bad one. Returning to our bad habit is easy. It depends on us. How we keep our motivation is a very important thing. High-heels will be on your side like my client. High-heels will be with you every step of the way.