Getting rid of Lumbago

I think many people have problems about their lower back, many people are suffering from pain. A lumbago is not just for the elderly. But people of all ages many have this problem, too. Do you remember about my client who came from Japan?  I have mentioned about her in my previous blog. She had suffered from serious lower back pain. I know another woman who have the same problem. She is my client who came from Japan this week. She has been suffering from lower back pain even though she only walked in flat shoes. Before she started reading my blog, she was not interested in high-heels. As she started reading my blog, high-heels have drawn her attention. Finally, she decided to go to Paris to take my lesson and to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo. She also prepared by exercising with a personal trainer. She had this preparation before flying to Paris. Then, she is now ready! Ready to live with her high-heels. As I saw that she has a lumbago, I could find the cause soon. In her case, she moved her back bent backward while she moved her legs forward. She put pressure on her back, then, eventually it was damage from constant pressure. I gave her some advice and worked hardly on how we can control using our inner muscles. She realized that if she can control her body, she didn’t feel any pain and if she can’t control her body, she would feel pain. It was easy for her to analyze her own body. Of course, she was walking with gorgeous high-heels. This is the first step. But it is an important process to people who are having problem in their body.

Don’t give up on wearing high-heels even if you have noticed some problems on your body. It is risky not to find the cause. You can only solve it once you’ve found the cause. But if you can’t find the cause, your high-heels will find it for you. Your gorgeous high-heels will transform into Dr. High-heels. You have to listen to them. They will tell you the cause and they can help you solve the problem. So, trust your own doctor, Doctor. High-heels. They will never lie to you. You can trust them wholeheartedly.