Chapter 18

I had a good time with my family in Cobéa which is my favorite restaurant. The reason why I like this restaurant is because I can feel their creativity and imagination from their dishes. They also have a superb presentation and service. I could get my inspiration for work by going to this restaurant. As I have mentioned in my blog. I am preparing for my “Philosophy of High-heels ” to be published in France.  The title of the 18th chapter is ”Une belle démarche en talons hauts, c’est exactement comme la cuisine française”.  I definitely wanted to use a picture of their artwork on this chapter. I wasn’t sure whether they could accept my request or not.  But to my surprise, they gave their consent to me. They allowed me to use the picture of their dishes on my book. I couldn’t believe it at first! But I am so contented and motivated to work more and more. I think that my artwork. “Philosophy of High-heels” is radiating bigger energy. Creation and imagination are both important to me and to my work.