Stone-paved roads

There are many stone-payed road in Paris. For a woman who is walking in high-heels will find it very difficult to walk in this kind of road. It is not easy to walk on the stone pavement but it is not impossible.

Even though there are paved-stones in Paris, I never feel stress walking on such roads. I feel that stone-pated road gives magnificence to Paris. I have been living in Paris for six years now but I can’t help admiring the beautiful sense of Paris.

As a woman who is walking in high-heels here, I would rather adapt on this kind of road than to quit walking in high-heels. If you were me, how will you walk in high-heels on a stone-payed road? What will you do? As for me, I don’t have any special technic. I just walk the usual way. How is it?

I walk in high-heels putting my toes down first before my heels.  This is not a special technique but it’s something we must do everytime we walk. If we can walk this way, our heels won’t stuck in between the stones. Even though it’s a stone-paved road, we can still walk elegantly and gracefully.  

Oppositely, if we walk with them putting our heels down first before our toes, our heels will definitely stuck! It will even damage your precious heels, too bad. But if we walk putting our toes down first, our high-heels won’t have any damage. Which way will you choose? Will you choose giving up walking in high-heels or will you choose adapting to your town’s road condition?

Absolutely, it’s better to choose the latter one. An elegant and sophisticated woman should know how to match her lifestyle with her high-heels. She should always be a well-rounded person. She never let go of her high-heels. Every situation is a challenge but you should know how to win over that challenge.