Spring High-heels

Finally, Spring has come to Paris! Blue sky, glistening sunshine and light breeze touching my face. After the long winter season, we can finally feel the nature at it’s best. As the season change, from winter to spring, we change our clothes and of course, our shoes – from long boots to pumps-. Whenever I see a woman walking in high-heels, I stare at high-heels and gaze at them until they’re out of my sight. I have a personal vision. I have decided that I will buy new high-heels when the right time comes-  after achieving this vision-.  I don’t know exactly which high-heels I should buy after realizing that vision.  But I am excited to imagine that vision, achieving this vision is like a dream come true for me. Shoes designers released new spring-summer 2015 collection a few month ago. We can see lots of high-heels colors and sandals in their boutique and their websites.

Have you ever seen these heels? These heels have beautiful silhouette! Very sensitive and sensual ones. It seems like it is difficult to walk on them but you can achieve ideal legs, when you walk on it. Because we may break these delicate heels if we stand on these heels. If we give all our weight on these heels, they can’t probably bear this. It means that we must definitely stand on the ball of our big toe.  These heels are also good for exercises and training to walk correctly. They sometimes release new collection even just after releasing the previous collection. Say, spring- summer collection, a few month later they will release autumn- winter collection. So, don’t miss it!