Pregnancy and High-heels

How do spend our pregnancy? One of my client is pregnant. Even though she has a baby inside of her, she still have taken high-heels lessons to keep her body. I think no one can imagine a pregnant woman walking in high-heels.  That is the reason why a pregnant woman need a gorgeous high-heels. Actually, when I was pregnant with my son, I never forgot to wear high-heels and I even worked with them. As you can imagine, pregnancy can’t stop me from living my precious high-heels. Unless, we have a doctor’s stop exercising, as it might be dangerous and risky for other pregnant women. But as long as we don’t have any problem with our pregnancy we always need to keep our body balance through exercises. Pregnant women are not sick. They don’t need to stop their usual activities, except in some cases. In my view, pregnant women tend to lose their posture. We try to protect our stomach.  A heavy stomach. As a result, we will suffer from trying to recover our posture after giving birth. Posture may change drastically while the woman is pregnant. We lose our muscles more than what we think. It may be too tale to realize that our back has already bent. We can’t notice that soon because our attention is on our growing belly. So, how can we avoid this problem? You’re right! High-heels!

If you have ready my blog before, you would understand why high-heels can solve this problem. High-heels can keep our inner muscles and it also brings our consciousness as a woman.  If you feel scare of wearing high-heels while you are pregnant, you can wear heels which are not so high. You have options. The period of pregnancy is a precious moment for all woman. A very tiny creature with a huge energy and life is growing inside of us. No words can ever describe that feeling. That is a gift to woman. It’s a very special event in a woman’s life but don’t forget that we are not only a mother but we are always a woman.