My cover

I am preparing to publish my book “Philosophy of high-heels” in France. I am working with a translator. We have finished 64 chapters to 70 chapters. As you know, we are working on my book little by little, slowly but surely.  We are giving all our passion and spirit in this book. It seems like we are creating a masterpiece. Even before publishing my book, a man who works as a “page layout” is already working carefully on my book.  Voila, my book has come out!

I and my husband tried to take over two hundred photographs for the cover, we only chose one among these two hundred photos. We patiently did our best to finally capture the best photo. This photograph  shows not only my legs our artwork, as well. We want to give the readers the best impression that they could ever have.  The cover shows me and my passion. I am thankful that they are all working on my book even though I haven’t finished my book yet. They are working with much devotion and professionalism.  We are not in a hurry. We want to give our best, no need for us to rush. What I convey in my article is important but how I express them is also very essential. Not only word per word translation, but I also like to fully express my thoughts.  That takes time. We hope to finish translating my book in two months. I can see my target is finally coming to reality. As I said, it takes a long time to work on it.  I always think about perfection.. I am looking forward to publishing my book. We are all excited to see the outcome of our hard work, as for now, the remaining task for me…. is just to work.