Potential of High-heels

My favorite time is whenever I dink wine or champagne. Wines match my lifestyle, especially the Bourgogne wine. They are giving me inspiration and enhance my imagination. Wine and champagne are also essential for me, just like my high-heels. But it is true that would have swollen legs the next morning If I wear it every morning. I would checked my legs the following morning and realized that they have swollen.  But I don’t worry about it. I am sure that high-heels will transform it into beautiful silhouette. It will swell at first, during the transformation phase. But once it’s done, beautiful legs will come out. Why does it still happen to me? Because I control my legs with much muscle whenever I walk in high-heels. To use much muscle is like a sports. Our blood circulation works well. As a result, we can keep the moisture balance in our body.  I heard a lot of rumor about having swollen legs due to high-heels. What do you think about this rumor? Is it true?

If you sit in front of your PC all day long, you will absolutely have swollen legs. On the other hand, if you are a saleslady, you have to stand almost all day long. This will also result to a swollen legs. But even if you use flat shoes, the same thing will happen. It’s not related to whether you are wearing high-heels or not.  High-heels are not the culprit for this condition. As a matter of fact, high-heels can even relieve the soreness of the legs. High-heels can be your remedy only if you can walk with them correctly and elegantly. You would understand what I am talking about once you learn the proper way. That is the potential of high-heels.  it is not the cause of your swollen legs but it can even act as a remedy or medicine for your swollen legs.

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