Posture and Magic

One of my clients works as a cabin attendant at Air France for 17 years. Her destination is between Paris to Tokyo, vice versa. She takes my lesson during her stay in Paris. I understand how her job is. There are eight hours time difference between France and Japan, while the flight time is 12 hours.

It is difficult to keep body balance and condition. She took my lessons two times this week. It looks like she was having a hard time controlling her body on the first day.  Her main problem is that her back slightly bends backward. During our lessons, I worked out on solving this problem at first.

If our back bends backwards even just slightly bent, still it’s dangerous for our body.  This slightly bent will eventually damage our back in the near future. Because of this posture, it’s hard to stand on the ball of the big toe. It means that we stand on our heel.

I am pretty sure that we can’t control our body using our inner muscles if we will stand on our heel. You may think that this is just a simple problem, but it would bring a bigger problem and may even cause damage. Walking in high-heels is not just a show-off.

You don’t walk in high-heels just to show your charm to other people. High-heels can also detect and solve problems that we have in our body. We are not aware of it until we try wearing high-heels. The client improved her bent back problem on the second day of our lesson.

She told me that she didn’t feel any stress on her anymore. No-stress means more gorgeous looking. Thanks to her new posture, she finally can live happier no matter how hard her job is. Well, what can I say, It’s high-heels magic! If you are having the same situation as her, maybe it’s also time for you to experience that magic.