My legacy

I have mentioned in my blog before that I am preparing to publish my book ” Philosophy of high-heels” in France. I wrote 70 chapters and now I am working with a translator and with the help of my husband, too.  I am lucky because I was able to find a good translator. He works very well and he has passion for the success of my book. I really appreciate him. It’s not so easy to find someone who also wishes for the success of the other person. We are working together on how to express and respect each culture, Japanese and French. We are working on it little by little, step by step but we are giving our best. This process is like creating a masterpiece.  We shouldn’t rush, it should never be done in a hurry. Yes, my book is an art! I worked with my translator yesterday and we are already finished 56 chapters. More or less 70 percent of the book is translated.  We are getting there, slowly but surely. Though, more than half of the chapters are finished. We still need a lot of time to finish the remaining ones. After reaching the final chapters, we are going to read and check all chapters two to three times.

We have to proofread it until it became flawless. We won’t stop re-checking and editing until we are 100 % satisfied with the outcome of our hard work.

>My book is my treasure, my legacy! I am sure that this book will give an impact to all women. Actually, I have talked with some French about my book. Many women are interested in my book and they are patiently waiting for it’s release.  They are excited to have it,  even though haven’t published it yet. This is my biggest motivation and it encourages me even more. Why do I want to publish it? I have one simple answer. I love high-heels! That explains it.