I would tell you a woman who had changed her consciousness completely. She came to Paris from Japan to take 10 high-heels lessons for 6 days. She took my lessons about 9 months ago. After our first lessons, she started walking in high-heels whenever she goes out.  She has been wearing high-heels in Tokyo. She would never wear flat shoes again. Our six-days lessons was a kind of dramatic for her.  At first, she was disappointed to herself because she became unconscious and unaware of her walking. But she remembered how to control her body using inner muscles, her legs have transformed into beautiful silhouette soon after being conscious of her muscles during our lesson.   It was just a chair exercise, an exercise done after stretching, we did this exercise before wearing high-heels on the first day of our lesson.  On the third day, she was again disappointed because couldn’t control her body using her inner muscles again. She told herself ” What is going on with my body? ” She was shocked and annoyed.  She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. At the time, I was just looking at her but I understood what was happening to her body. Her muscles had developed surely through my lesson, but this sign shows that she will be moving to the next level.  We can compare that situation to our life, whenever we take a higher step, there will be a point where we would step back to our lowest point.  But after recovering from that step back, we can jump to the higher level. Have you ever experience that?

When we are aiming to move to the next stage, usually we can’t move up without going down. There are some reasons why we go back…  sometimes we are thinking about many things, there are some hesitations and confusions, or we are not sure if we are ready to level up.  But after that point, once we have made up our mind, then we start leveling up, and this time, it’s higher than our previous level. My client’s situation is like that.  She is now ready to level up her walking skill but before achieving that she also experience such difficult time.  But we never gave up. Finally, she did! Her effort made her legs recovered again. As she walked in high-heels elegantly but little by little, her legs had transformed into ideal ones, too.  She became more confident in her legs and she became more gorgeous as well. She really realize the meaning of elegance. She found the answer through her way of walking in high-heels.  She did all her best and she exerted all her efforts. And now, she have passed the most difficult stage. She will be at her best forever and ever. But of course, with constant practice and continuous high-heels walking.  She can ditch all her flat shoes because she has no reason to wear them anymore. She will stay gorgeous for life.