My client who lives in Portugal took three high-heels lessons for two days. She took my lessons three month ago. I heard from her that it is difficult to walk in high-heels in Lisbon because there are paves stones. My client decided to wear high-heels only when staying at home. When she walked outside, she would wear boots or shoes with thick heels. I have mentioned in my blog before about Boots × trap. Boots are much heavier than stilettos. Wearing boots feels like carrying dumbbells on our legs.  We would get into the bad habit and we would be eventually trapped. She read my blog and then she understood what I wanted to say. But she couldn’t believe that she developed such bad habit before taking my lesson, she didn’t realize that she had developed that habit caused by her boots.  It seems like she was shocked that she was not able to control her walk using her inner muscles. She felt something strange whenever she walked in high-heels. But she couldn’t figure it out what was happening in her body. She was unaware of what was going with her. At first, I focused on awakening her inner muscles. This is important especially she have gotten used to her outer muscles. How can we control our inner muscles? We have to work with much passion. It was so hard for her at first, but she never gave up. She has a strong will. Finally, she successfully awaken her inner muscles.

Getting into a habit is difficult and could be dangerous. It became a part of us, it will feel like it’s a natural thing. We became unconscious and unaware that we are indeed developing a bad habit. We only realize it once someone pointed it out to us. Then, we realize that we are actually having that habit.  Being conscious all the time is essential. Consciousness is a must! How conscious are you? This simple question is the key to realization. That realization will be the key to change the habit we have developed over the years.