Truth matters

As you know, a pair of high heels gives a big power to all women. High heels make us more beautiful, sexier and it can even change our life completely. But on the other hand, it is also true that there are some rumors about high heels. Some people do not know how to walk properly in high- heels,  they use wrong muscles, wrong balance, so as a result… it destroys their body.  Doctors say that high-heels are not good for our body. Indeed, they are health specialist. But they are not high-heels professional. They’re totally different. I’ll show you an example. One of my neighbors takes care of my son, when his school is off. She is very interested in my high heels. So, she bought a 3cm-heel boots. But she had negative image about high – heels. She always suffers from lower back pain. Her doctor advised her not to wear high-heels. According to her doctor, she will have more pain if she will wear high-heels. She believed and trusted doctor’s words. I told  her the reasons why people have some problems with their body. Those problems are not just caused by high-heels. High – heels should not be blamed for this. The main problem is that people don’t know how to walk in  high-heels correctly and properly. Unfortunately,  even most doctors don’t know how to walk in high-heels. Doctors know much about our health but maybe they don’t know exactly the benefits we can get from high heels. As I explained to her the philosophy of high-heels and human anatomy, she finally understood my point.

Knowledge is important, We shouldn’t believe the news or rumors easily. Not all of them are the correct ones. We have to think about, search for it – until we found the truth. High-heels are not good for the body – do you believe in that? Why should you blame the high-heels? Don’t you think it’s the wearer who should be blamed? High-heels deserve respect and admiration. Therefore, we must learn how to use them first before we judge them. Truth sets us free from negative image.

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