I know someone who had never wore high-heels in her life. But now, she has started to live with high-heels. She lives in Prague and works as a translator and interpreter. She came to Paris to take my high-heels lessons.  We had our first lesson last Thursday, she took five lessons for three days. Before taking my lessons, she tried to buy high-heels. She got bored from wearing flat shoes. I think she had never though about wearing high-heels.  Maybe, she had never imagined herself wearing such beautiful high-heels. High-heels didn’t just change her life but her body, as well. Actually, she has good muscles. She has daily exercises which developed her muscles. But after our first lesson, she realized that her abdominal muscles had transform into better shape, a more toned one.  As she continued our lesson, her abdominal muscles have totally transformed. Can you imagine that? Her purpose is to learn how to walk in high-heels, she achieved it plus a more toned abdomen. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone. It’s like a magic!

My lesson brought an immediate result together with a pair of high-heels. I am confident that every woman can change. They can have a complete transformation with the help of high-heels. It is our main weapon. It can improve oneself dramatically. Elegance, self confidence, name it…. you can achieve all of them once we learn how to walk with our high-heels.