Platform heels

I prefer platform high-heels to classical type. The most important reason is that platform heels are so comfortable. We don’t feel any shock while walking with them. Why? Because the part of the shoe under the sole is thicker.  Thus, it prevents us from directly touching the ground. That thick sole supports our foot. Classical type heels have very thin soles, so we can instantly feel the texture of the ground, and the shock as well.  We could say the same thing to jogging shoes. If you are a professional runner, you would choose running shoes with thinner soles.  These kind of soles make us run faster than shoes with thicker soles.  If you want to run faster, thinner soles are better. Because it is lighter thus, allowing us to move quicker. Our choice of heels differ from our purpose.  If you want to run faster, thiner sole is better. But if you want to feel more comfort, especially on you high-heels, platform is better. I can wear platform heels all day without feeling any stress.  It also make me feel more gorgeous. But I also like classic high-heels because they look simple and chic, also lighter. The choice depends on you. You have to know your purpose. More gorgeous and more comfortable or more chic and lighter….  But if you will be asking for my advice. I will definitely tell you that platform is a must have high-heels. If you had some discomfort in wearing high-heels, you definitely have to try platforms.