Finding the cause

I would like to share a story about a woman. A client took 5 high-heels lessons for three days. It was a special moment for her. When she took the first lesson, she realized that she had bending knees. She hadn’t noticed it before. She has read my blog, so she has understood and paid attention not to bend her knees before taking my lessons. But she was surprised and she told me “I can’t believe!”  ” My effort is not enough” ” What I thought is not enough”. Actually, she had big problem about her knees. Her knees easily bend. No matter how much she tried to stretch her knees. So, we worked hard on it. We did it slowly and carefully to awaken her body. Patience is a must. After our first lesson, she had inner leg muscle and abdominal pains. But she had much pleasure when she checked herself in the mirror. It was like a magic! Her legs had transformed into beautiful silhouette. It happened on the second day of the lesson. She was astonished to what happened to her body. She had never felt this big change ever. Now, she is certain that high-heels can change woman’s body and life as what I always tell you. Finally, her knees awaken on the last day of the lesson.  Her problem was so serious because had been bending her knees since she was a child. It has been a long time. How was I able to awaken her  knee muscles? What I did was I first let her awaken her abdominal muscles as she kept stretching her knees. If she could pull up abdominal muscles, then she could also keep on stretching her knees.  They need to work together her knee problem is not special, it’s quite common.

Most people can not stretch their knees when they walk in high-heels. The important thing is to realize why we can’t walk in high-heels relevantly. We must find the cause. So, we can find the solution, If you can’t find them, sorry but you can never walk in high-heels elegantly.
We sometimes thought that everything is right, we only realize that we are not doing the right thing when somebody pointed it out to us. If nobody give you any compliments about how you walk in high-heels, then, probably something is wrong. Everyone notices if you walk walk in high-heels perfectly. Surely, many praise you. If no one does, then it’s time to look at the mirror or better consult a professional.