I and my husband give each other a massage whenever we feel like we need each other’s support. We like listening to beautiful music while giving each other a massage. We use aromatic oil. We have much affection feeling our body.  That is one great special moment. It’s our own precious time. Three days ago, my husband found out that my body have transformed while he was giving me a massage. He told me that I have toned my hips even more. My hips shaped well. I didn’t realize that until he told me. Actually, I was especially busy this month. I have given a lot of lessons to my clients with 15cm high-heels. It feels like a hard sport. As you know, I always wear high-heels whenever I walk or go out. I always control to use my inner muscles.  It is not special for me, it’s something I do every time. But I think I concentrated more of my muscles whenever I work. I need to do it for my clients. As a result, my hips had transformed. It is fascinating knowing that we have no limits in our body.  We certainly don’t have any limit of being conscious about our body. We have the possibility to keep in improving only if we try to. Our willingness to improve should be boundless. High-heels can definitely help our infinite desire to improve our body.

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