I have been very busy especially days before Christmas. My clients came from Portugal, England and Japan. They took my high-heels and pictorial lessons. I have just finished the last lesson with my client this year.  This year, I set my goal and decided to publish my book, ” Philosophy of high-heels”. I am working on it with the help of my husband and translator. We are creating my book just like an art. As you know, we have different language, culture and expression as well.  It’s a big challenge for me. So, we must work hard for it. My vision is so clear and I just concentrate and focus on it. I know what I have to do to reach my vision. I know what I need to make it happen.  For the coming year, 2015, I am going to revolve myself and my work, too. I will definitely make some changes to further improve myself and my profession. That is my new year’s resolution. I have set my goal and I definitely know how to accomplish it. Do you have any desire for the coming year? Have you think about your New Year’s resolution? Anyway, I would like to express my appreciation for visiting my blog. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I wish you will have a great and prosperous new year. Let’s hope for the best.