Finding the main cause

I can’t help admiring her effort. Her, is my client living in America, she has been taking my high heels since last week. Actually, she had already taken my lesson twice. She came to Paris from America. At that time she took three high heels lessons. After she finished three lessons, she immediately booked ten high heels lessons for five days in November and first week of December. Could you imagine how strong her motivation?
She is very passionate about learning how to walk in high heels. She needs a lot of effort to take my lesson in Paris. When she took my lesson in April, she had not developed her knee muscles yet. So, she was not able to stand just one leg, the flamingo pose which I have mentioned in my previous blog. From April until now, she never give up to follow my advise. For seven months, She keeps on exercising and practicing. I was so moved when I met her last week.  I was so surprised!  She has not only develop her knee muscles but also she was able to awaken such muscles including the abdominal muscles. It was so wonderful! I felt like I was speaking to a different woman.  Much improved and much gorgeous than the last time I met her. I really respect her.

But she must advance to the next step.  She can finally achieve and develop her knee muscles but she is still struggling in standing just one leg.  Because she still walk  in big step so finally her back bended without her knowing or realizing it. So, I taught her how we can straighten our back and keep our posture.  This problem is not a simple one. It is complicated. The most important thing is to find the main cause of the problem.  This task can only be identified by a professional like me. Because it is almost impossible to find it yourself. You might think that everything is normal and natural.  High heels are the best item for women, but you have to pay much attention.

This is not as easy as buying them.  We need to work hard to walk on it perfectly.  If you can’t walk with them elegantly, it means that you have some problems about your walking.  If we want to achieve the  advantages the high heels can give us, we must work hard on it. Expensive and gorgeous high heels deserve hard work.  Don’t forget it.