Extra Careful

One of my clients is an opera singer. She also lives in Paris and she had taken my high-heels lessons before. All in all, she had taken 41 lessons with me. Even though, she was pregnant, she still took my lessons. One day, I received an email from her.

She is going to have an audition in January, so she wants to take my lesson again. This audition is very important for her. Passing this audition, has a big impact on her career.  She has restarted taking my lessons from last week. On our first lesson, she seemed to be disappointed at herself.

Actually, she was not able to walk correctly, she had lost her inner muscles which are important for high-heels walking. Expectedly, she was not able to stand on the ball of her foot. After our first lesson, she really changed and improved. She took my second lesson yesterday, she exercised hardly everyday to strengthen her muscles.

Finally, her muscles have awaken.  Therefore, she regained the skills I have taught her before. She can walk in high-heels elegantly and properly again. It is so wonderful! Because almost everybody would have misunderstand that situation. Walking is easy but walking in high-heels elegantly is difficult.

If you walk in high-heels, you have to consider whether you are doing it the right way or not. We have the tendency to lose our consciousness little by little. We may be very conscious and careful at first, but after a while, we eventually lose it.

Until you notice that it is totally different from what is right. Most of the time, once we noticed it, it’s almost too late to change. I would say that paying attention is very important. Never forget about aesthetics, we should bear it in mind. It’s never too late. Once we lose it, we may not have it back.