Christmas Breeze

The most beautiful season is coming! In Paris, christmas season is the most fantastic! We decorate houses, buildings and trees with neon lights and lanterns.  We do it only in this season. Christmas is so special for French and for most countries. We spend it with our family, we’ll have a special meal for dinner. We have a great time on that special day. On the other hand, we have an important mission. We give present to all family members. So, we have to consider and prepare a lot for them. In December, we become invigorated and inspired for the preparation of Christmas.  Usually, my grand mother- in-law invites us for dinner, but my husband and I will invite them for this year. We have already considered and planned our Christmas dinner. So, our remaining task is to prepare all of this on Christmas. We’ll be very busy, but we’ll surely have fun. I spent my Christmas last year at Chamonix- Mont- Blanc for sky vacation last year. I feel that is was long time ago since I celebrated christmas in Paris. Anyway, I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas in Paris. I can feel the mood and atmosphere of Christmas as we move to toward the special day. Christmas is not only for the kids to enjoy but for adults as well. I must be prepared on this day, dinner, gifts and of course, I will never forget to make myself gorgeous, anytime of the year.