The magic of red sole

I went to Cobéa with my best friend last Saturday. This restaurant is my favorite one and I have mentioned it on previous blog. I had a good time with her. We had delicious meal matched with good wine, Perfect! After having our lunch, my best friend soon flew back to Japan. She loves high-heels, too. She took my high-heels lessons during her stay in Paris. Her cinderella shoes is a pair of Christian Louboutin’s black heels. This high-heels is conspicuous for his famous mark, the red sole. It looks so sexy and chic. We bid our farewell after having our lunch. We had our goodbyes on the street. After saying our goodbye, I turned my head over to glance at her.  I remember what Christian Louboutin told in his interview. I had a strong impression only in a matter of second. His famous trademark, red sole, had a strong impact. She can walk in high-heels elegantly, but it seems that she is more charming now, thanks to red sole. This is the power of high-heels. This is the power of Christian Louboutin. Whenever I walk with Christian Louboutin’s heels, I can’t see how I walk from my behind. I never thought about it so much before. But after seeing how it transformed my friend, I finally recognize how the “red sole” give impact to people. I am loving this shoes more and more. The more I get to know Christian Louboutin’s high-heels, the more I realize the power it can give to women.  We must take advantage of it! It is definitely worth more than its cost. The impact and the power it can give to us is priceless. In odder to give strong impact, good impression and an elegant atmosphere….women needs beautiful high-heels. Voila! You can have the image you’ve been wanting for.