No Limits

One Japanese lady came last week. She took eight high-heels lessons and pictorial lesson for five days. Actually, she had booked my lessons seven month ago. She wanted to prepare perfectly for my lessons while she’s still in Japan. She was really looking forward to it.

At first, she tried to follow the techniques I am giving on my blog. She even attended some professional walking lesson in Japan.  In preparation for my lesson here in Paris. When she first take my lesson, she was so surprised! What was so surprising?  I would give you an example.

She understood that we have to push knees back to avoid bending when we walk in high-heels. She tried it already but it was not enough to stretch her knees. She kept on bending her knees. From my point of view, her knees were still sleeping. So stiff! I am sure that she definitely have to use more of her knee muscles.

Of course, it is still possible for her to make it better despite the stiffness of her knees. There is still room for improvement for those sleeping muscles. She told me that it was difficult to imagine such technique which she can only read from the blog. I never thought that I have to be more conscious about each of my muscles.  That is the result. Though, I have mentioned it many times in my blog.  

But still is not perfect. Reader’s understanding might be different from the actual one.  You may understand what you read, but it doesn’t mean that you also understand your body. Of course, we have to learn such important knowledge. We can get them from reading.

But knowledge is not enough. No matter how much we understand them, but if we don’t practice it.  I am telling you….It’s useless. At last, what do I want to say here is that we certainly do not have any limits. We shouldn’t limit ourself to just gaining knowledge but practical application is also a must.