Never give up

Never give up! That should be our sprit if we want to master our walking in high-heels. High-heels are the best items for women and this is our symbol of woman power. Many women adore them. But actually, many women give up to walk in high-heels even before trying it. Because it seems to be very difficult to walk in high-heels or some of them might have some bad experiences while walking with them. My client who came from Japan, also gave up walking in high-heels before. She has beautiful 4cm Christian Louboutin heels. She loves high-heels, but since she was not good at walking, she had to repair those heels many times.  If we don’t have a good body balance, our high-heels won’t also have a good balance while can damage our high-heels.  Besides, she had a complex about her height. Whenever she wears high-heels, she becomes taller than other people, even to some men. In her opinion, she is a woman. Therefore, she doesn’t think that her height is an advantage. So, instead of buying a 10 or 15cm high-heels, she opted to have 4cm heels. But finally, she decided to wear high-heels and she contacted me. She took five high-heels lessons for four days. Fortunately, she has the makings of walking in high-heels. She has a good muscles, her body is flexible and she was able to follow my advice well. On the second day of our lesson, she was able to achieve my technique which I have taught her during our first class. I told her ” You have the making of walking in high-heels. I am so happy that before you finally give up high-heels, you come to Paris to learn walking with me.” After our lessons, she wore Christian Louboutin heels, and left. Then , she decided to buy 10cm high-heels. Because after our lessons, she has already build more confidence. I also told her ” Though you are tall, you should’t care about it. A woman who walk elegantly in beautiful high-heels, won’t hear any negative feedbacks or reaction. People will just adore you.  Not many women are like her, we easily discouraged once we hear negative comment or had bad experience. But looking at her story, she was able to conquer her fears. She was strong enough not to give up. So, I say ” try it first before giving up”