Live life to the fullest

I had a dinner at Le Cornichon with my family last night. This restaurant is located near my area. It takes about 15 minutes walk, and so for me 15 minutes by walk in high-heels. I think many people think French food is heavy or fatty. We might be fat… But I don’t agree with that. We won’t get fat by eating French food. As a matter of fact, French dishes have good nutrition. Besides, they also care about our health as they tend not to use too much fresh cream nor butter. French food is not fatty and heavy nowadays.  You can check some French dishes and you will realize that it is not unhealthy at all. I like French food when I was still living in Japan. Since I live in Paris, of course, I can always eat French cuisine. Not only French cuisines but great wine as well. I am so stuffed. I can’t move anymore. It’s a perfect combination, French dishes and French wine! I so love it! Some clients ask me ” How can you keep your figure?” I always say ” Just high-heels!”  I eat very well up to my heart’s content. Plus, the wine of course. I don’t control my diet, but I always walk in high-heels. As you know, we need much muscles whenever we walk with them. As long as we keep using our muscles, we could also keep our perfect figure. I don’t care much about what I eat, but I care about how much muscles I use. I am sure that it is important. We only have one life, right? Enjoying our life, including our food is very important. I feel sorry that some women control their meal to keep their figure. I can’t imagine how much they lose by curbing their diet. We must enjoy our meal, especially with our family. We must also enjoy the opportunity of being a woman. We must live lie to the fullest! As long as you walk in high-heels, you don’t have to care much about what you eat.