I would ask you a question.  Are you able to stand just one leg? Either right or left leg only? Can you stand like a flamingo in your high-heels? This flamingo pose is crucial part when we walk in high-heels. Could you imagine that we have to control our body balance with just one leg in high-heels when we lift our other leg from the ground. Then this moment is the most important part to recognize whether we can stand on the ball of our foot.  If we couldn’t stand on  one leg, then it means we couldn’t stand on the ball of our foot and we also couldn’t stretch the knee as well as the control of inner leg muscles. Of course, we must also pull our abdominal muscles up.The moment of lifting our other leg from the ground will probably take 3 to 5 seconds. It depends on the speed of walking or how fast you walk. But if you want to walk in high-heels elegantly, you shouldn’t walk so fast. Take it easy. An elegant woman don’t rush, remember that. So if you can’t stand with high-heels like a flamingo for 5 seconds, it means you would lose your balance while walking in high-heels soon. A flamingo pose is a good exercise for us. We can train every elements in our body. As for me, I can definitely control my body doing a flamingo pose with my beautiful high-heels everyday.