Solving radical problem

My new client took my three high-heels lessons last week. I have already mentioned in my blog before that many women have problems about their bended knees. They tend to bend their knees when walking in high-heels. The client have this problem, just a little bit. Not as much as the other women.

She was conscious about it. Her body could work well. She could easily follow my advise. But she has a serious problem. Whenever her front leg is about to put her tow down, her body unconsciously bent backward even before reaching the ground. It might damage her body in the near future.

It may cause some back problems, such as backache. Before anything else, she must get over this bad habit. In her case, the root cause was that she couldn’t stand on the ball of her big toe, as a result, she couldn’t  control her balance in high-heels. I gave her some exercises on how we can stand on the ball of our big toe. She recognized that she couldn’t stand this way. She losses her balance as soon as she tried to do so.

She told me ” I’ve never known how difficult it is to walk in high-heels properly and correctly”. Her statement is not strange to me. I have heard it many times. Every client told me ” I didn’t know how difficult it is to walk in high-heels”. I could expect such statement especially during the first lesson. It is not as easy as what most women think. We have to know the difference on how we should walk in high-heels and flats.

In addition, each person has their own bad habit. So, we have to find the radical problem at first. And after finding it out, we have to practice controlling  such bad habit. Until they got used to it. This is my job. My task is to find the radical problem of my clients and be able to correct it. Because such problems cannot be recognize by most out. I feel so happy and satisfied. I am proud of my good work.