My hero

Long time ago, a woman told me ” You are my hero.” I was so surprised from her words because it was the first time that somebody told me such words. As a matter of fact, we came from different countries. We have different nationality and of course, different culture. We understand each other but not completely. There are several factors to consider, race, culture, lifestyle, etc. My husband and I were also like that before. There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship, right? Many years later, we can finally understand each other completely. We were able to overcome the language and culture  difference. But on the other hand, we can’t have a perfect relationship. It takes time to finally understand each other. It like learning a foreign language. It is not enough to understand the grammar, but we also need to understand that country’s culture to finally understand the language. I started this article by writing about the woman who told me that I am her hero. I am sure that she is my hero, too. We have different culture and personality just like my husband and I. We may also have some misunderstanding but its a part of any relationship. Imperfections are what make the relationship stronger. By learning our differences, we also learn to appreciate each other. We realize the importance of that relationship once we’ve accept our differences. She is special to me and I want her to work with me. I can also say that ” She is my hero.”