Just Try

My new client took her first lesson this Monday. After our first lesson, she bought new high-heels on her way home. She realized that it is better to learn walking from a professional or high-heels expert. In her case, she had a little problem with her body, a stiff ankle. It’s minor problem but for high-heels walking it matters a lot. She thought it would be better if she choose a spool heels ( thick and short heels), and she thought she doesn’t have any choice, too. Of course, she’s dreaming of wearing high-heels but she was worried so she chose spool heels. After our first lesson, she decided to buy new high-heels. I’m looking forward to seeing her new shoes. High-heels, can be consider as an art. It’s like a picture or a sculpture. A kind of masterpiece. High-heels are the best item for woman who wants to be fascinating and sexier. I feel sorry for those who want to walk in high-heels, but give up even before trying it. There is an existing theory about walking in high-heels. You have a lot of options. You can either walk in 10cm high-heels or stiletto,  cork high-heels, peep toe heels, platform heels, and a lot more. The choice is your to make. What is the theory? The theory is about proper using our muscles and regular exercising. We need to use our human anatomy. If you want to walk beautifully in high-heels, never give up! Don’t be afraid! Just try it!