High-heels × Stockings

Do you match stockings with your high-heels or not? I usually prefer to wear high-heels without stockings but it is already cold season in Paris. This autumn, the weather was a bit different. It was cold in the beginning of this month but surprisingly, it was hot like summer last weekend. Fortunately, I can still walk in my beautiful high-heels. I always wear dresses three hundred sixty five days a year, of course paired with high-heels. Yes, that is my style! But I have to change my shoes from pumps to long boots during winter season. As the season change, I start to match stockings with my high-heels at first.  My favorite stockings’s brand is Calzedonia. They have gorgeous stockings and sexy ones as well. If you want to be sexier, you need to choose the gorgeous ones. We ought to enjoy the opportunity of being a woman. If we have a pair of high-heels and sexy stockings, it wil just be wonderful and perfect! Winter seasons is coming, we can further enjoy our lives.