Candles and Flowers

Flowers are essential in my life. I decorate roses to every room in my house including my veranda. They make me feel great and inspires me a lot. Just like flowers, scented candles are indispensable for me as well. Actually, when I do stretching with my clients during our high-heels lesson, I would light a candle to give us a beautiful ambiance and aroma. At the same time, we are able to relax our muscles and feel our muscles deeply by inhaling the candle scent. I also use candles to decorate my house. Whenever I put my make up on in the morning, while I am drinking wine or taking a bath.  I never fail to light a candle. It is a kind of aroma therapy, right? It can awaken our senses. Candles don’t just give us relaxing mood but it can also make us gorgeous. Because candles can lift our sprit which can boost our mood and reduce our stress. It’s like wearing high-heels…. when we wear high-heels, we feel more confident, it gives us female, sensitiveness, independence etc.  A candle can also give us the same emotion. Gorgeous woman don’t just buy expensive dresses or have a luxurious aesthetics but also she must know how to spare any effort to make her feel great. By simply, lighting a scented candles can make her beautiful without having the need to spend a lot of money. Indeed, flowers and candles help us appreciate our womanhood. Flowers are nature’s gift to women, matched it  with candles.  We can feel our sensitivity and delicacy, which set as apart from the opposite gender. So, just like high-heels it make us all different from the others.