In my high-heels lesson, we thoroughly warm up before we start walking in our high-heels. Walking in high-heels is the same as playing any sport. It is necessary  to connect our brain with our body. It means that we can control our body and use appropriate muscles, if we have flexible body.

Could you imagine this situation? For example, if you try to control one muscles, that muscle couldn’t be controlled because of your stiff body. You couldn’t connect your brain to that specific muscle. In addition, we will be using a lot of our muscles sensibility  once we start walking in high-heels. So it is important to have the exercise in preparation. I will share one story.

One of my clients was not able to stand with high-heels  before she took my lesson. We did some stretching for proper posture and exercise to awaken  our inner muscles. We did it before we start the high-heels lesson. By just doing some stretching, she was able to stand in high-heels soon.

My client was so surprised and told me, ” I can’t believe! It’s like a magic. I’ve never stand in high-heels!” Why she was able to stand with them? It is because she could feel her body more delicately and she also realized which muscles she must use to keep her body balance.

Thanks to her flexible body. There is a strong relation between having a flexible body and walking in high-heels elegantly. I assure you that if you want to walk with them elegantly, you must have a flexible body first.