Don’t rush!

My client asked me ” How do you walk in high-heels when you are in rush?” I just said ” I don’t walk like that.” Could you imagine the situation? You finally achieve to walk elegantly in high-heels, but the moment you run with them, you would lose this elegance soon. As for me, I always plan my schedule ahead of time to avoid rushing. I feel much stress whenever I run out of time. I have to hurry up and I will be controlled by time. One of the reasons why I am always happy is because I can control my time. If I miss the metro or bus, I can be patient. I can take my time and just wait for the next one. I don’t want to run in high-heels because I am sure I’ll lose my elegance If I do it. Waiting for another 15 minutes is better than losing my femininity and elegance. So, If I have to go somewhere or meet someone, I take in the consideration to prepare ahead of time. We shouldn’t rush whenever we take our high-heels. Because we have to respect our high-heels. We always must give them importance. Woman who is attractive and charmed should never rush. She must always know how to manage her time. Elegance is not all about the physical but it should also reflect how you carry yourself including time management. If you want to be more elegant, always plan your schedule, prepare what you have to do in advance. Remember these words ” Don’t rush!”