It is not elegant to clack while walking in high-heels. Unfortunately, many women do it when they walk in high-heels. The clacking sound which most women make is unpleasant and actually unacceptable for me. It is a “big no” for me. Why do they walk like this? The reason is this… When they walk in high-heels, they put their high-heels down first before their toes. If we walk this way, we give much pressure to our heel as we touch the ground this creates the clacking sound. But if you could put your toe down first before your heel, we have to control lots of muscles especially knee’s muscles. As a result, we can put our foot down much carefully and silently. When you walk in high-heels and you can hear your noisy footsteps, it’s a sign that you must do something to correct your walking. By the sound of your footsteps, you can easily recognize whether your walking the right way or not. We must not only care about our posture, but we must also care about the sound we create from walking in our high-heels. Clacking can catch other people’s attention but you won’t have a good image as it will give other people’s impression that you are trying hard to look elegant and gorgeous, but actually you are not.