A wonderful week!

I just came back from my vacation last night. Our vacation was so amazing! We just felt relax with lots of sunshine and wine on the blue sea. I can’t explain how happy I was! That was a wonderful week! I enjoyed that week so much! Now, I could start a new day and new life. Thanks to my vacation, I can be more motivated to do my work and vision. It gave me the creation of life. I like my job and at the same time I like having a vacation. These two things are good balance for me. I work so hard, but I also enjoy having a vacation. I can work hard because I can always look forward to a nice vacation after hard work. I think that is a wonderful life! Life filled with work but can take a nice holiday. On the other hand, after coming back to Paris, I feel glad, too. I felt that Paris is beautiful, a special city. That’s why I feel good. I’m done with this year’s cruising, so I could appreciate Paris more again. We were already booking for our next year’s cruising vacation. We will be working hard until our next vacation comes. That’s life, we should always have a reason and motivation to work harder.