Working together

My client and I took this picture to celebrate our strenuous efforts. This photo touched my heart. Actually, we were working together for 4 days this week. My client came from Japan to Paris to take my high-heels lesson. It was the first of May of this year when she took my first lessons. After having our first lesson, she went back to Japan. Three weeks later, she came back to take my lessons at the end of the same month. For both of the two lessons she took, she spent 3 days at 3hours per day. Walking in high-heels is kind of sport. It needs strength and the ability of concentration. This times, she took my high-heels lessons for 8 lessons for only 4 days. I admire her strong-will and determination. Why does she have that strong passion? Because she has a big problem on her back. She has been suffering from lower back pain for many years. It is so catastrophic for her because she must see a doctor to treat her back condition. As she changes her ways of walking with high-heels with me, her body is surprisingly improving gradually. Her serious issue was that she kept on bending her knees every time she walks and couldn’t perfectly stand on the ball of the big toe, especially her right foot. But she never gave up to achieve her vision. She always exert much effort even though she works hardly in her life. I could say she has changed positively and realized the secret of becoming more attractive. I am sure that I will be more surprise for her changes next time we see each other again. That day will be 3 months later, the end of October. I believe in her potential and in her strong passion.

This video is my Catwalk