My upcoming vacation

Finally, I am going to leave Paris this Sunday for a Mediterranean cruise. After our last summer vacation, which is the same cruise, I and my family have been waiting for this time. I can’t believe that my vacation is coming very soon, but I can no longer wait. I am planning to bring three pairs of high-heels during the cruise. At first, we have to board an airplane from Paris to Barcelona. At that time, I will be wearing my red high-heels. So, I will put in my suitcase the other two platforms. One of them is a 15cm high-heels. I need it so as not to lose my muscles. Especially, I will wear it at night to match my evening dress. What shall we do in the ship? Well, we will be just relaxing. This is the main purpose of this trip. Relaxing and spending time with each other. We will be wearing our swimsuit. It’s one of my most awaited event. I have been working hard, and I want to show off what my high-heels did to my body. But of course, I won’t be wearing high-heels, when I wear my swimsuit. Aside from that, we may also read some books or take a nap. We can also drink champagne or wine. Fortunately, there are nurseries inside the ship, so we ask them to look after my son until dinner. The guests can even ask them to take care of our children until midnight, it is also possible. As for me, I will go to sports gym and sauna every early morning. During our stay on the ship, I might lack of sleep. But I don’t care about it. I like this balance between being lazy and working my body. When we started cruising, we have been enjoying  this vacation every year. We loved it at first, so we are always looking forward to our next one. A cruise is a great motivation for our family, including my son, Peter. Peter has good memories, too. We also want him to keep good memories. By the way, my client will arrive to Paris tomorrow. She will take a 5 high-heels lessons and pictorial lessons as well for 4 days. I feel that time will fly for me this week. It’s  good because I have been waiting for our grand vacation and finally, it is coming, very soon.