My birthday present

My husband gave me my birthday present yesterday.It is a beautiful black and white Hermès scarf. Actually, I will be turning 35 this coming 2nd of September, during our cruise. He wants me to wear this scarf to match my evening dress, so he gave it to me in advance. He knows everything about me. What I need and what I ‘m hoping for. I usually wear black and white dress. He recognize that I can  be more elegant with the scarf he gave me. I am so happy with his present but he looks happier. When I met him,  my life had changed. To be honest, I divorced twice before. I couldn’t understand about love back then. But thanks to him, I was ables to realize what is all about. After starting to live together with my husband, my life got better. I become stronger, more confident. I can express beauty and sexiness much more than before. Of course, I also changed my work. Everything has changed. Someone told us ” You are like twins.” I think so, too. My husband and I are like twins, the best couple and family. I am sure that my life will become even better, thank to the man I love the most. I am so happy and satisfied to meet and live with this man. I can’t wait to have our vacation soon and be with the family whom I love the most.