Getting ready for my book ” Philosophy of HIgh Heels”

I finally finished writing my book entitled “Philosophy of High Heels”. I had mentioned it before in my blog, I want to publish it in France at first. I wrote 70 chapters all concerning about high-heels. This book is not just about walking in high-heels, but it also includes some aspects of walking in high-heels such as its advantage to us, high-heels as an art, etc. I think most people have the image that high-heels is just for beauty and sexiness, well, that’s on the positive side. On the other hand, most people also think that high-heels is highly dangerous for us. I didn’t want to write just about those issues and images. Instead, I want to create a positive image of high-heels. Mainly, I focused on the reasons why many women can’t walk in high-heels elegantly. As well as how come women break their body from high-heels and I also stressed that walking in high-heels is one of the greatest arts. Of course, I also discussed about the great advantages we could get if we could walk with them perfectly. I wanted to finish my book before my grand vacation, because I will be very busy with my lessons after that.  I won’t be able to devote my time to finish this book. So, now I feel so contented! I was able to finish it as I expected. I can finally ask to translate it from Japanese into French. I know that it might be difficult and the translator might need a lot of time. I am confident about my book, you may never have heard about such book before. There are other books about high-heels but my book is different, because it talks about its philosophy. I have waited for this opportunity. Finally, I could achieve it in a matter of time. I always believe that ” Don’t rush, but don’t stop”. I will move forward to fulfill my dreams little by little, one step at a time, but I am sure I can do it.