How to spend your summer?

Finally, summer has come to my city, Paris. It was hot last week. On the contrary, it was cold and raining two weeks ago. It was like we were in winter season. So, we are happy to feel the summer season,  but we are tired and weary caused by the big gap of the temperature. Normally, we don’t use air conditioner here in Paris. Only restaurants, cafe, supermarket and hotels….use it. Because summer is not so long and humidity is also quite low. So, it was difficult to keep our body condition when we had hot days last week. I could also notice my clients’s weariness. They were exhausted caused by hot weather. The reason is that their muscles might be relaxing  or resting. They couldn’t use the proper muscles. It was my mission to awaken their muscles and consciousness last week. This situation didn’t happen only to my clients but also to myself. I found out that I was also having stiff body whenever I stretched in the morning. It is dangerous and it’s a sign that we must care about our body. If we neglect such symptoms, we will eventually fall into a bad habit. Our body is so simple and obedient. We can easily get into either good or bad habit depending on how we care about our body. I would advise you to do some stretching conscientiously especially during the hot summer days.



This video is my Catwalk


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