How tall are your High-heels?

A pair of high-heels is more beautiful as it gets higher. In my opinion, the maximum height which is 15cm is the best. If you can’t walk in high-heels with such height, I would advise you to wear stilettos. Even though the heel is not so high but it’s thin, so it looks higher. The most probable risk of walking in high-heels is that if you use a pair of high-heels which doesn’t match your muscles. If you don’t have muscles which you need to use to walk in high-heels, you won’t be able to control your body. I will give you an example. If you want to develop your muscles more, you have an option to choose between training with dumbbell or by using a gym machine. If you choose dumbbell which is too heavy for your actual weight and built, you will exert much effort to lift them. This situation is not good, because it’s too much for your body to control. As a result, you will not be able to achieve your ideal muscles. It may even injure you. The same condition applies to how we use our muscles when walking in high-heels. Your goal is to try walking with them using proper muscles and not to lose your balance. Of course, it may not look beautiful and not articitic at first. But don’t give up! You can definitely achieve walking with them elegantly. Just keep on trying and believing! I have met many clients with the same situation. As I always say, the keys to master walking in high-heels are by using proper muscles and by how you train yourself.

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