High Heels × Luxurious Car

I love my father in low’s car. He is a big fan of luxurious car and he bought one last year. He often tells me  “Car is amazing! “,  “That is art “. He is like me or I am like him…. I am not sure about that. But I would say that we are similar in terms of having full sensitivity between high-heels and car. My father in law comes to pick us up for dinner. Whenever, we will have a family get together dinner. I am so happy to ride in his car wearing my beautiful high-heels. I am confident about my high-heels, his car and of course our family. They match each other. Perfect combination! My symbol is high-heels, my father in law’s symbol is his luxurious car and our family’s symbol is love. Such an ideal family, right? My father in law is so happy too, because an elegant woman who is walking in gorgeous high-heels is riding in his car. He is planning to buy another one, one of these days. That is Maserati.

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